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Coming back after pregnancy advice :)

03 February 2013 07:15

Hi there,

Really looking for some advice here. I had my baby girl 7 months ago and have slowly introduced myself back into shooting again. Prior to pregnancy I never really achieved much because I was always working full time and couldn't give it my all. However now approaching my mid 20's I want to give it one last big shot, maybe get some publications under my belt, get more paid / syndication work and just generally climb the ladder a little more.

I have got images to upload within the next few days which are of me now (although I don't actually look any different to the ones I have on my port) but I felt like I need to freshen up my images abit.

Advice would be really really appreciated right now

Thank you x

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03 February 2013 07:46
United Kingdom

Most of your profile images are vintage 2010 and 2011. Anything over six months old is of little value when selecting a model for a paid shoot. The pregnancy bump shots should be removed as they don't show your current look. Pregnancy can wreck havoc on a woman's body. A lot of models get stretch marks after having babies and sometimes the boobs go south and become a bit droopy. Your profile notes and images need to allay the concerns that photographers may have regarding the effects of pregnancy.

You need recent images, especially topless and nude if you do these levels. Your profile notes should state any stretch marks (or lack of them). Your profile notes should also state any constraints of when you can shoot (e.g only certain days of the week due to childminding) and how far you can travel.
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