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Music inspired shoot.

Phil is off-line
31 January 2013 13:28
United Kingdom

Hey all, not been around here much over the last few months as taken a break from modelling. But coming back with a vengeance!

I've got a shoot on Sunday with a tog I've worked with 2 times before, really looking forward to it but I've had some really random ideas for future shoots, mainly because of a song I've been listening to

I would really like to do a cosplay stylee shoot from this band Aesthetic Perfection (think Clockwork Orange/Cyber Punk).
This other idea I had was to get a second model in, preferably a male and do some fighting (but play fighting theme with a twist) though I don't have a twist yet. Strange I know but something about it just really appeals to me and I think with the right photographer it could work really well.
Baring in mind I'm 6ft, 11st and get thrown around by my boyfriend a lot, and I work with horses haha! I can handle it physically!

Opinions please if you don't mind, on this new and wacky idea and how I could make it more interesting

And oh could you please be so kind as to look at my current port and let me know what you think.


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Dominic Thurmer is off-linePlatinum Member
01 February 2013 08:20
United Kingdom

Hi Phil, not really sure what style you'd draw from the video but I looked alot of the images from the Aesthetic Perfection- Inhuman, black and white contrast as per the models is something you could explore.

As to your port in gen, great to see a non mainstream look but with that comes the reduced interest on sites such as PS, I hope you have other exposure on other more relevant websites. As to you images there's nothing that really shows you stature and build, key assets that I'd exploit. Dare a photo session with a 5'5" male model! I know you love the long hair but if its gone then so is that historic part of your modelling character so updates with current look really needed, I guess main and June 2012 are? Why not exploit the horse link too with some powerful images that open up some location opportunities you could offer out, it all helps, good luck, look forward to seeing more.


01 February 2013 10:39

You don’t know exactly what you want “I don’t have the twist yet”. You haven’t researched an interesting location. You don’t mention if you have any outfits/props. You have not provided links to style/pose examples that you like (that can help a photographer decide if he has the software skills and equipment to get the effect you want, e.g. slow focusing cameras could not do the fight as well as others). We don’t know exactly what you look like because your hair is different in your portfolio.

This is your vision of a shoot so you have to plan it to make it work. Why would anyone take on this shoot as the results will probably disappoint you – as we cannot see in your head?

If you are looking for the photographer to do all the creative planning that is unfair. You should take it as far as you can and they add to the vision you communicate (and tell you what definitely will/won’t work).

Turn these negatives into a positive. Fill in the blanks and you will get a better response and result. Any model that is motivated and has a plan/location/outfits/makeup design/pose suggestions will make for an interesting collaborative shoot with everybody fully motivated for creating great images.

Good luck with your research

An image such as this as an example would clarify that the location is a studio/car park and some photoshop skills would be required.

And here is an example of someone putting together their own outfit/poses and a location type you may be able to find – probably not your taste but a decent result.

diipii is off-line
01 February 2013 17:15

United Kingdom

I lasted about 10 seconds listening to this .............

It inspired me to photograph someone banging their head against a wall while another "model" kicked them up the XXXX
It only happens all the time.

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