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Saturday March 16th Studio Lighting Introduction - Andrew Appleton

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24 January 2013 19:01
United Kingdom

Andrew Appleton will be presenting his Studio Lighting Introduction workshop @ Full Circle Studio March 16, 2013

Start Time:10:00 am - End Time: 5:00 pm

Price: £125.00


The first of a 3 courses on how to photograph people in the studio. The others are; Portraits and Beauty/Fashion Photography. The format of the courses is a hands-on workshop with classroom sessions in the morning and practical photo shoots in the afternoon. It is recommended if you have no experience of studio lighting that the intro course is completed before completing Portrait or Beauty/Fashion.

As well as covering the technical aspects of studio photography we also explore how to interact with your subject(s) to get the best images.We start with studio flash, looking at shutter sync speeds, the best method of triggering flash units, the effects that different modifiers have, how light to subject distance affects the light quality and some classic lighting set-ups. We also cover how to choose the right lens and the best angle and height for different shots and how to use reflectors and flags to both add and remove light. The majority of what we study during the day only requires one light meaning that you can go away and practice with very limited equipment. After this one day workshop you should be able to confidently work with both inexperienced and experienced models in a photographic studio and achieve a variety of different moods and effects.

Please contact us for booking detail or if you have any questions.

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