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When another Model has literally copied ...

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22 January 2013 12:20

United Kingdom
East Sussex

Quote from Jo_Louise
Ahh, I've just noticed that she has now amended parts of her profile which was done yesterday, so must of been when she saw id noticed and message her ..

Locking this down now as incorrect or inaccurate statements have been made in the thread.

The other model has not been online since yesterday (21st) evening and has not accessed the
mail server since before the Report was put in or before this topic was started.
Neither Admin Alerts nor messages from the Topc Starter have been read as a result.

The Moderator on night duty posted record copies of both sets of profile notes before 01:00 on 22nd Jan.
Although similar paragraphs and sentences do appear on both profiles the entire notes were not copied.
It is NOT unusual for members to copy or 'borrow' good notes posted on other members' profiles.


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