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Action against photographer - Deleted Topic

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29 December 2012 05:38

United Kingdom
East Sussex

Yesterday a model member who had booked a commissioned shoot with a photographer through a social networking site created a topic on Purestorm where she made certain allegations against him about failure to supply images she claims she had paid for. Fortunately she did not actually name the photographer, though it seems there were enough clues given here and elsewhere for people viewing the thread to correctly identify this photographer and draw the issue to his attention.

Realising the potential implications for this site Moderators took the decision to first remove problem posts and then Lock the thread (when it had already filled almost two pages inside just 40 minutes) after irresponsible members started to try to guess who the photographer could be, tried to persuade the model to 'name & shame' him on Purestorm, and encouraged her to leave a Negative Recommendation even though the model had stated that the shoot had not been arranged through this site.

Last night the photographer contacted Purestorm complaining that the thread was not a true reflection of the actual situation and that he had no right of reply (as he does not currently have a Purestorm account) to try to correct the damage he felt had been done. He requested that the thread be deleted and informed us that if the thread was not removed he would be taking legal advice against all parties.

At first the model, who was kept informed at all stages by the Moderator Team, objected to the topic being Locked. Very late last night, after having been in contact with the photographer, the model contacted us requesting that the thread be deleted and in the early hours of this morning she repeated the request stating that "both parties want the thread deleted." This has now been done.

While this topic was live yesterday the Moderators advised members who book shoots through other sites and then have problems to take up the issue with the Moderator / Abuse Team of the site through which the shoot was booked and not to bring the issue over to Purestorm. The simple reasons for this is that Purestorm cannot verify arrangements made elsewhere so therefore can seldom arbitrate in any subsequent dispute. Additionally, as this site is based in England it must be wary of British libel and defamation legislation and of the excessive costs that fighting off retained legal teams can generate if a professional or a business decides they have been wronged by what they consider to be false accusations or allegations made in chat forums.

If you believe you have a problem with another member which has been generated by a shoot arranged through this site please use the Contact us link and we will do our best to arbitrate where necessary but please do not take the issue to the chat forums. And if that issue was generated elsewhere, please take it up with the administrators of the other site.

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