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It might seem petty but...

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07 December 2012 07:07
United Kingdom

Quote from River
Thanks all,

I cant say whether Ive had more work since Ive been brunette, because I moved from Norfolk to Cambridge recently. I know its not a massive move but Ive had shoots since the move, so it could be because of that, or it could be the hair colour, I don't know.

I might go back to blonde when it starts to get a bit warmer. I understand the need for a model to be consistent- I know it may seem annoying when people keep changing their appearances, its hard to keep up to date with them!
With regards to going back to blonde, my friend recently went back from brunette to her natural blonde. She used a product called 'Colour B4'- which lifts the dark colour off of the natural colour. Her's came out fine, ever so slightly strawberry blonde, but she put a toner over the top which brought it back to a nice, natural shade.

Thanks for the comments!

Why be so one dimentional? You rocked both looks so choose something else.

Go to a salon with a good reputation and get their opinion rather than a few blokes off the net. I'm sure whatever you chooses will have the photographers lining up to shoot you.

And no, it's not annoying shooting a model that can change her looks, often that is the reason they get repeat business.

Do let everyone you have lined up to shoot with know first that way you can plan the dates of the colour change. What is annoying is if you line up a shoot then the model changes their hair the day before without warning.

Let is see the results.

Darren x

08 December 2012 04:48

I'd make a guess that the natural colour of your hair is perfect with your skin tone. Nature goes to extreme lengths to make you as visually appealing as possible, and has been doing it a lot longer than L'Oreal. Ie, blonde.

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08 December 2012 17:12
United Kingdom

I love the blonde look

But id say keep the brunette look just based on this

love it
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