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Some Advice for Aspiring Models

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20 November 2012 14:37
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Hi Aspiring Models,

I've been in the producer side of the industry for well over a decade now and thought I'd shed some light with some suggestions.

1. Getting scouted. The best way to get found is to be scouted. Register on various model sites, but please, make sure you include a good amount of photos.
These guidelines should help:
-Provide at least one headshot-Provide at least one head to toe shot
-Females, provide at least one shot that focuses your curves, including your bottom!
-Men, provide one shot that focuses on your chest and abs
-I don't suggest paying for pro photos unless you have excess cash or know a good photog for TFP (the best!), otherwise, they might end up cheesy. Get a friend with a camera to take photos.
-Make sure at least one head to toe photo shows as much skin as you feal confortable. Remember, you are a model and your tone, curves, and body is a lot of what the industry is about.
-Show your personality. If you have the ability to write something that shows your personality within your online portfolio, do so! Personality is a big part of the game.

2. Casting calls.
Keep an eye out for them. Don't bother applying to any general casting call. Photographers and agencies are specific as to the geography and model type they are looking for. Blanket calls our usually from scammers or people with too much time.

3. Responses. Respond to any questions from agencies and scouts quickly as possible. There are many models out there and you could lose your chance because they move on.

4. My own personal thoughts.
- Personality: I discovered an aspiring model a long time ago (I was doing some glamour model scouting and photography at the time). She made it to a top magazine. Normally, I would not have worked with her; however, her personality was amazing, and I'd say that personality gave her an edge over many other glamour models.

-Professionalism: Being escorted - Unless you are under 16, I'm sorry, but when I'm the photographer, anytime someone said that were going to bring someone else to the photo shoot, I cancelled on the spot. It makes the model and photographer uncomfortable to have someone else at the shoot. If you don't feel confortable with the photographer, then either you are in the wrong business or you should not have made arrangements to have a shoot with someone you may not feel confortable with.

Would you bring your brother or a mother to an interview? Same concept with Model agency meetings. If you are under 16, I can't see a reason to bring someone to a meeting with a model agency. Depending on the country, if you are under 18 you will need to have a guardian review the contract. I strongly suggest you do this even if it's not the law in your location.

-Professionalism: Punctuality. Never be late to an appointment with an agent, photog, or scout. This insustry is full of referrals and recommendations, and that could be the factor that keeps someone from recommending you if they find an opportunity.

-Attitude: Attitude is everything. Have a good personality. Be friendly and professional. Attitude and personality can get you far.

I see a lot of fashion models trying to make it who are in their 20's or short. If you lock in your genre at that age, your chances of making it are next to none. Consider all your options, including commercial, glamour, etc.Model scouts focus on 16 to 20. To go pro takes a lot more work, focus, and dedication than most people think. Get advice, get a mentor, and when you start getting famous, get a manager with strong commercial and negotiation skills.

Look for and take critiscm. When I'd post these types of suggestions, I would always say that 90% of models that think they will make it will never make it even close to pro, especially not for the genre they are going after. I stopped offering a constructive critism because I was breaking too many hearts or telling them what the major flaws that they need to work on. Making modeling a full time job is not easy, even if you have the looks.

Get noticed by the right people!
You will need to get noticed, connected with the right people, and a lot of work covering every flaw, while keeping your head up and keeping a good attidue and developing your personality.I am always happy to answer any questions or provide advice. If you meet someone with experience in the industry, have the right looks, and a really fantastic personality, trust me, they will mention you if the right opportunity comes up.

Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions.

Good luck!


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20 November 2012 14:52
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Extremely good advice for aspiring models - well said! cheeky


I see a lot of newbie models with acne...I tell them to drink more water...even the Super models swear that keeps their skin clear.

Keep well groomed at all times - you never know when that casting might turn up.
Elizabeth Arden quote - 'I'm not interested in age. People who tell their age are silly. You're as old as you feel' OR LOOK...

20 November 2012 15:10

This image isn't yours:

It belongs to Mauro González.

I'd be interested to know why a photographer here would have someone else's work in his portfolio?

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20 November 2012 15:14
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Oh dear................

I have to confess when I read

Ifyou are an aspiring model, 16 to 21, and interested in being professionally developed and represented by a model agency, let me know. I turn down more people than not; however, if I think you have the look, personality, and determination, I may be interested in being your model agent.

I did have a few doubts
Amateur - happy to do TF with models with potential and enthusiasm. Website:

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20 November 2012 15:16
United Kingdom

Quote from mgphotomedia
This image isn't yours:

It belongs to Mauro González.

I'd be interested to know why a photographer here would have someone else's work in his portfolio?

Maybe he is a "model agent" and that is one of his models. I asked the same question about another "model agent" once about his varying image quality - one was readers wives gubbin and another was the front cover of a playboy magazine..

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20 November 2012 15:43

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Quote from Chrissie_Red
Maybe he is a "model agent" and that is one of his models.

The profile in question was not registered on here as a Agency account.
Photographer members should not upload the work of other photographers to their Purestorm account.
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