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Dance Workshop 25th November

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06 November 2012 13:17
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United Kingdom

Dance photography is one of the most challenging genres to get right. To take a moving 3 dimensional subject and replicated in a still 2 dimensional image takes knowledge and skill. With the help of an experienced dancer I will show you how to freeze or blur movement, how to light for drama and how to anticipate the best moment to capture a move. We will look at both classical and modern styles and what a dancer will need in their portfolio.

The models who work with me on these workshops are all dancers and include Raine Cera. Raine has a background in both modern and classic dance having worked with choreographers and teachers from the Royal Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, Random Dance Company, Lea Anderson and many more. She has performed in the BT festival of dance and at The Place in London and also performed her own choreography.

We will have three separate lighting setups that include low key and high key and both constant and studio flash lights.

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