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how did you change from tf to career?

11 October 2012 11:44

I only do TF with certian photographers. They are the ones who taught me, so it's a way of saying thanks but i get on really well with them and there photos are amazing... So it's never actually work when doing TF with them.

It's true the more you take your clothes off and the higher the levels the more people will pay, it's sad when you think of it like that, but then the internet has killed all the big money shoots

Being able to do home shoots helps a lot, or doing cheaper rates with a studio close to you.

Twitter and Facebook are BIG business these days, exposure is a must.

Putting up casting calls helps as it shows your serious and if you can travel then it's another plus.

It's quiet easy when you put your mind to it

Good Luck
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11 October 2012 14:01
United Kingdom

thank you all for advice
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11 October 2012 15:35

Quote from mgphotomedia
Models tend to progress faster than photographers. So every photographer you TF with now is likely to be one that won't pay you in the future. And if they're all on your doorstep you'll have to look further afield for paid work.

It's almost as if the more TF you do the harder it becomes to make that break into paid work!


I've not really had the issue of refusing to TF and sending rates to people i've worked with, as i've generally either agreed to keep TF-ing because i love their work, or they haven't asked because they won't pay anyone, not even a supermodel if they ever had the chance to book one.

I think some people just don't pay because its a hobby. Others are in a position to pay and will do so. Thats just how it is.

That said, if you get a reputation for taking EVERY TF offer you get, no-one will offer you pay because they may as well just ask for TF and save themselves a few bob knowing you'll accept their offer.

Moral of the story - be selective.

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