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30 September 2012 06:22
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Quote from AbiHillModel

Make sure the people you TF with can give you good quality images, that show you off well. I generally follow the rule of thumb that for TF, a complete stranger should be able to match a polaroid of you to the shot to make it book worthy - if a photo is so wildly creative that you can't tell it's you (and it could have been any Tom, Dick or Harry), its of little use to your portfolio which is what you will be using to market yourself for photographers.

This is SOOOO true.
It always makes me laugh when i see a models port and there will be a photo of their foot/ankle and nothing else.
Or a lanscape where they are almost hidden in it.
Or even the back or their head, lol.
Or just their bottom (usually pulling pants partly down).

A models port should have the 2 BASIC photos. Thats one showing a natural UP TO DATE colour head shot and another showing their body type (regardless of levels).
Anything else is so she/he can show that they are adaptable, but too many can have a negative effect, especially if they cant do different expressions or body poses.

A models port is to try and get photographers (or businesses) interested in them, so although nice arty photos may look good and you may love them, they may not be the best for your port and getting work in.

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30 September 2012 07:28
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Not really sure, just plug away over time.

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