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Newbie ;) (Multiple Topics Merged)

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20 September 2012 02:58
United Kingdom

Jade you have a decent look, so do a lot of other girls but you could do well. Check out some good agencies and approach them, they prefer the warts and all images you have over the heavily airbrushed rubbish you might get on TF shoots. They will be looking for someones potential over the finished article, if they think you have something they will direct you in the right direction, but and its a big but, they get 100's of girls contact them every month. If you are unsuccesful and you still want to persue it then get some shots done, best pay an established photographer who can get the type of shots that will grab someones attention (this is not me by the way, I don't shoot models folios). Then keep banging on the door of the agencies until they see you or take you. I assume you have done your homework on good glamour agencies, if not a quick search of the message boards should dig up some threads about them.

Good luck

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