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Being Versatile :/ ADVICE

MinnieBAD is off-line
25 August 2012 10:42

United States
New York

i love to do fashion and beauty shots the type of images you would see on americas next type model but aside from that i also like being a vixen going into an agency is that a bad mix is possible to be a fashion model and also a vixen ?

Bill Haley is off-lineSilver Member
25 August 2012 17:53
United Kingdom

You can be whoever you want to be.
How hard can it be?

28 August 2012 10:34

At 5'2, you won't walk into any fashion agency worth being with and get signed. You just aren't tall enough.

However, if ANTM cycle 13 taught you anything its that a good beauty shot can boost your earning potential in any genre of modelling- who doesn't want to see a great close up head-shot with an expression powering through some potentially very heavy styling?

If I were you i'd actually focus on the Vixen stuff, and practice your beauty poses in the mirror so they are strong. Everyone loves a great versatile face so practice expressions and working with lots of different hair and makeup styles. This will increase your booking potential.

28 August 2012 11:32

You're too short to be signed to a fashion agency so I wouldn't worry about what you do affecting your chances there.

Not entirely sure what you mean by being a vixen (do you mean sexy?) but having a range of looks in your port is probably a good thing for the type of work you can expect to book off Purestorm.
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