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Advice On Opening A Small Studio Space

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14 August 2012 11:06

I think striking a deal with one or more of the local studios might be worth looking into...As for the rest of the time do little tours to other studios further a field. (however I do know this can be tricky when it comes to getting a firm booking from photographers)
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14 August 2012 11:07
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I reckon the OP is best off trying to negotiate some sort of deal with local night clubs, theme pubs, boutique hotels, B&B's etc. and using those as locations rather than bare-wall studios.

Photographers willing to pay (like myself) would gladly cough up for shoots that a model can pre-arrange like this.
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14 August 2012 12:54
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I would suggest;

1) See if you can do a daily deal with one of the new local studios on a 6 month basis. It'll benefit them and you'll know if you can fill it weekly (or whatever). You'll also realize what is involved in this venture. (No overheads if it doesn't work and you can walk away from it)

2) Visit a handful of small shops, hairdressers, florists, even industrial sites which may have large rooms above, or old conference/meeting rooms they could do with some peppercorn rent for. This will be the cheapest way, but probably more limiting due to open hours, needing to decorate, toilet facilities etc.

3) Do the small boutique hotel (more than one) route, ask for a discounted day rate, and see if they can help. If you suggest that photographers might need somewhere to stay when they work with you, this would be an attractive offer for them.

Basically the key selling point, is you need to think about what business you will bring to the 'studio' space. You are 'selling' your project to them. If you just think about 'renting' it for yourself, (ie buying space) the answer will probably be no sadly.

PS: We still need to do a shoot sometime LOL!!

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