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Scarlet Rose is off-line
10 August 2012 18:40
United Kingdom

My mum knows about the charity calendar, and although I told her I've made this account with the intention of modelling she doesn't know I've done any shoots, dad does't know about the calendar haha, but the fiancé is supportive x
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alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
10 August 2012 19:01
United Kingdom

both my parents are deceased, so i can only speak of friends.
when i start getting questions about my photography (why are they
all men is a really good one) i hint that i have "relations"
with each and every one of the models as their mind obviously wants
to hear that, in fact they are gagging to hear it.

you would pay money to see their jaw drop.
especially when i begin to make up further stories, which are so
out of this world i cannot repeat but are taken as being gospel as i
recite the story with a straight face.
i get some really fantastic reactions.
as in "who you"??????????????

one friend even offered to come to a shoot and help hold my pole.
i think he meant my lighting stand. at least i hope so.

JackR is off-line
10 August 2012 21:05
United Kingdom
West Midlands

My parents see all of my work...and comment accordingly. I have no 'hidden' folders or images. My three daughters all see my work too. I have worked with my eldest (Shes a MUA and did a degree in Photography), My middle daughter has just featured in BooHoo and More fashion magazines this week...she is also the cover girl on my port! My Youngest is a sports model for Nike.

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