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Studio 3 Workshop, Bexley on 9th April

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The third of a 3 part course on how to photograph people in the studio. The format of the courses is a hands-on workshop with classroom sessions in the morning and practical photo shoots in the afternoon.

It is recommended that part one is covered before parts two and three, however, the courses are designed so that part three can be completed before part two. In part three we build on what is learnt in part one by adding working multiple studio flash heads.

We cover beauty lighting, using a ring flash and how to use coloured gels and reflectors and manipulate white balance to create drama and interest plus depending on time 2 to 3 different fashion lighting set-ups. During the classroom sessions we work on de-constructing lighting from a number of images to learn how to replicate certain styles.

Our model for the Workshop is Demari V.S

Time 10am - 5pm
Cost £125
Max 6 delegates

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