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Share your phone death stories.

Suzy Monty is off-line
14 March 2013 15:28
United Kingdom
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This week...Was showing hubby some pictures on my mobile phone...when said phone slipped out of his hand into his cup of tea...oh, for goodness sake how did that happen...

Am on Orange monthly contract - rang them and was told they couldn't SEND a replacement, I'd have to actually go into an EE (the new name for Orange) shop and sort out a replacement, but operator agreed he would send out a new SIM card which would need signing for upon delivery between 8am and 12.30pm the next day...So, I waited & waited  in the next day and no delivery...oh surprise, surprise...( all day, everytime I went and spent a penny, I thought - bet it's Murphys Law the door bell will ring with the delivery when I'm on loo..but no...) anyway, SIM card finally arrived in ordinary mail the day after that..(whilst I was out, and didn't need signing for).

We live 8 miles from the nearest EE (Everything, Everywhere) store. Went in and they didn't want to  know about giving me a replacement even though phone only 7 months old and still under Warranty. It was a definite 'no,no',  as soon as I mentioned phone had been dunked in tea. I don't have an insurance on phone. They told me I'd have to buy a Pay As You Go phone etc...or get a 3rd., party to look at phone...

Got home, rang Orange again and re-explained hubby had dropped phone into tea by accident and this time, kind lady operator, said no problem would send me a replacement.

So, if at first you don't succeed, well worth trying again...

Friend of ours dropped his super duper mobile phone into his fish pond by mistake...fished it out (pun intended) and put it in the airing cupboard to dry out for couple days and phone worked like new afterwards...
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Robert Blandford is off-lineSilver Member
14 March 2013 16:46
New Zealand

When I worked in England I had a company moblie a Samsung red rubber one. I hated it. I droped it off the third floor scaffold of a building I was working at. It bounced down to the second floor then the first, then into a bucket of dirty water. I climbed down the ladder and tipped out the water from the bucket to find the bloody thing still working and not a mark on it. Bloody Samsung.........

14 March 2013 17:05

One drunken evening I put my nokia 8290 (this was a long time ago lol) in my ex girlfriends lady bits and got a friend in America to call it, to see if it vibrated. The phone never worked again...

Laura McIntyre (née Ford) is off-line
14 March 2013 20:07
United Kingdom
West Lothian and Edinburgh

When I was 14, I was in Blackpool for a few days with my mum and the weather was lovely and hot. She felt a bit off-colour one day due to the heat so I went to McD's to get us both strawberry sundaes. I ate mine as I walked back and took the genius notion to very carefully stand hers upright in my backpack so my hands were free to eat - the bag also contained my phone and wallet. The bag was small and there was very little wiggle room for stuff so I thought it'd be secure enough. Half way back to the b&b, I somehow forgot all about it, took off my backpack and casually started swinging it by my side as I walked. Phone was ruined but smelled delicious.
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