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Full Frontal Nude Lighting Workshop

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06 December 2011 08:37
United Kingdom

Dear photographers,

Tuition with SophieK (209747) this month.


Sophie will be shooting up to full frontal nude.

She very interested in trying modelling of different types and is openminded.



Sophie is happy to work with both amateur and professional photographers - beginners are welcome too! 

Sophie loves to do nudework, and has a real passion for modelling.


Prices are £135 for the 3 hours

Studio, myself and tuition are all included in the price.


Dates and times are:


12th and 14th December


Times from 11 am to 2pm



I will be at hand to advise, make tea coffee, give ideas, help beginners in studio and model photography.

Please visit my photography and studio at, "Farnham" & "jimbojetset" on PureStorm


Sophie is  a fun, easy going great model, who gives 100% on all her shoots.






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