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Lighting and posing course, Maidstone , Kent , 2nd October . Model kristiecolman23

Gary is off-lineSilver Member
16 September 2011 04:12
United Kingdom

Hi all,
I am running a studio lighting and posing course at the enchanted photography studio in Maidstone, kent on Sunday the 2nd October 2011 along with the awesome model Kristie Colman.

The day will consist of
Use of modifiers
Lighting patterns
Hair lights, accent light, key and fill.
Set ups that work.

The errors people make,
Building the pose from the ground up
Going with the flow.

Cost is £139

I am a full time professional photographer and trainer, run numerous workshops in lighting, posing and photography. I hold an Associate Qualification from the society of international fashion and glamour photographers / SWPP.
Kristie is a full time professional model with a fabulous face and figure.

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