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The 'Perfect (Pure) Storm' photoshoot.

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02 May 2011 20:24
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Quote from amethyst
I only do TFP if there is money as I only do paid TFP now.

TFP is fine with me as I've done loads of 'Tits For Pennies' before.

02 May 2011 22:24

Quote from tarmoo
No trauma, only the memory of escaping from a possible nightmare shoot and a sense of relief that kamakazi pilots must have felt had after being told to cancel their mission and return to base.

You know when something is not quite right when the model keeps pleading with you not to cancel the shoot from the outset and seems to get ever more desperate as the shoot gets nearer. At one point I was asked to pay in advance because she had a lot of cancellations. I wondered if there was some fundamental reason for all these cancellations, like being two stones overweight after eating too many cream cakes or was there a jealous lesbian lover (I had a suspicion she swung that way) causing havoc. I made a mental note to check if there was an outside chance of some hot girl/girl action shots, but so far nothing to suggest this has surfaced.

Having promised not to cancel I felt honour bound to attend the shoot and should try to uphold the principles of NAPALM (Nude Association for Photographing Artistic Lady Models) whose motto is "Come wind or rain (or chaperones), always get that naked model shot". With a sense of intrepidation, I set of for the shoot, armed with only a couple of flash guns and my trusty Nikon D700+24-70F2.8.

When the text message finally came to call off the mission shoot, I was actually quite happy, despite having to endure 4hrs stuck in Bank Holiday road work traffic on the M25. The only fly in the ointment was a series of text messages trying to reschedule the shoot.

Am I free tomorrow?
Don't thing so

How about next week
I am busy then

Tomorrow is good
Er no, thanks

The LOLacopter hath landed!  I love the smell of NAPALM in the morning...

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