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Spiders Legs .... ??

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10 January 2011 17:41
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Quote from mattharper
The following is taken from my profile on NM. Some people find it offensive, but that is the ones that I am aiming it at. Those who know how to apply mascara aren't offended as they take the care to learn and the time todo it properly. "Don't get grumpy, but can some of you models learn how to put mascara on, that is, put it on, rather than throw it on from a shovel. If someone turns up with spiders legs hanging in and out their eyes, I won't even get the camera out the bag." I think it is something they should teach in school to girls, maybe instead of metalwork as it is more appropriate for them :-)

I believe every model should learn the very basics of make up whether its from a course or from a book...

When i first started modelling i didnt have a clue but after many hours of learning from a book (daft as it seems) i now manage to perfect simple make up...

Too many models (especially glamour models) think more is better when really less is better...unless the photographer says otherwise

Totally agree with what simplydivine has been saying xx

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