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Heelp required.

theperfectgentleman is off-line
10 August 2010 07:06
United Kingdom



As a tog that is trying to be different, I would like to learn body painting, and more important airbrush make up.

Is there anybody who could point me in the right direction.

1) Training.  2) Equipment advice 3) Best products to use. 
 As a pensioner I don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend but I will pay my way for any help offered.                                                                                                                


Victoria Howard is off-line
11 August 2010 17:41
Make-up Artist

I've sent you a PM  with the details of some classes a friend is running.

However a one day workshop can easily cost hundreds of pounds, the paints and brushes can run to thousands.

smudger is off-line
18 August 2010 09:05
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom
Mid Glamorgan

There is a difference between body painting, make up artistry and airbrush make up. Although there are those talented individuals that can do all of them.

As Victoria rightly points out, courses are not cheap.

As for body painting, the Wolfe Twins (former world champions), and Alex Hansen & Lymari Millot (current world champions) are all in the UK and doing classes this week. they may be available after the 28th August as well.
Bella Vollen (former world champion) and Pashur will both be in the UK in October / November and I'm pretty sure they will be doing body painting classes.

You could Google Bibi Freeman or Juliet Eve, both of whom do classes and aren't too far from you, but be warned, one to one training is liable to run you to hundreds per day.
As you can tell from some of the threads in this forum, we took a lot of time, effort and money to get to the stage that we are. That means we don't come cheap. If you want the best (certainly if you want the best in the world), then money talks and everthing else is just pis*ing in the wind.
Smudger, and I spill stuff too! Simon

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