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Guitar Hero / Rock Band

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12 June 2009 10:47
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United Kingdom

Hey All, some of you might have played these games; some of you might even own them!
Anyway, I have a PS3, my id is squodge4, and the games I have that I'd like some "band members" for are:

Rock Band 1
Rock Band 2
Guitar Hero Metallica

I can play bass/guitar to expert on most songs, drums to expert on some songs (but mostly medium/hard), and can sing probably half the songs to expert.  I'm trying to get a "full band" in order to get trophies.  Anyone game?

~ squodge ~
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04 July 2009 11:05

You make me wish I never got those darn red lights of doom!!

I love GH and Rock Band... though the only think I am good at is drums, too scared to sing, hehe.
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