Models beauty secrets...

Models beauty secrets...

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24 Jan 2012

Thin drawn on eyebrows have never been in fashion! Full natural but grromed looking eyebrows is what I love to see on a model. I choose my portfolio models based on thier eyebrows.

Exactly. In some editorial work, yes re-dawing eyebrows looks amazing, but 9 times out of 10 you want gorgeous full well goomed brows. I overplucked mine in the 90's and they've never grown back propely, I have to fill mine in for every shoot but I yearn to have my full brows back.  The only people who constanly want re-drawn brows are professional drag queens - and even they wouldn't shave their natural ones off!! Best blockers in the business!
Posted 3 May 2012
Shaving off your eyebrows is a terrible idea - say for example it was in fashion, and was a good idea for several shoots. You are not going to model forever. You will have stupid bad and horrible eyebrows for the rest of your life. Aren't bushy eyebrows meant to be "in" anyway? Isn't it a better idea to be suitable for as many shoots as possible?

Posted 3 May 2012
Can someone come and get me when the "ARGH theres a huge black caterpillar on your forehead" look for eyebrows comes into fashion, I'll be very in demand then!
Posted 5 May 2012
I don't do this anymore, but when I was in school I liked my pencil eyeliner really dark. For some reason applying a black eyeliner "normally" just wasn't enough. So I used to burn the end of the liner with a lighter until the end went soft, then apply. Unfortunatly one day I burned too long and when applying, the end just melted and spread around my eyeball. *cringe* I never did that ever again. Chanelle x
Omg i used to do this when i was in school!
Posted 29 June 2012
I have to admit, if I'm wanting to make sure my make up lasts all day and night then I do spray a light bit of hairspray over it! @JenSomerfield glad I'm not the only one who does this
Posted 17 Dec 2012
using nappy cream for spots xx

Posted 18 Dec 2012
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