congrats to suzy monty

congrats to suzy monty

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29 Aug 2013
Hi Jemima,

Many thanks.You have a great look...

You look good as a blonde OR brunette, and certainly have the 'Pin-Up' look...

Sent you PM about your Stats...they aren't reading right at mo...

All the very bestdevil
Posted 9 Sep 2013
Edited by SuzyMonty 9 Sep 2013
Well done Suzy well deserved!!!!!

Though sentences like this from the yahoo article annoy me. "She may be Britain's oldest glamour model, but she's got curves to rival women HALF her age." what age got to do with whether you have curves or not?

Posted 10 Sep 2013
Saw a certain Suzy Monty mentioned in a Nigerian website today, also the Irish mirror too

I'm also on cover of Closer Magazine today (just a small picture) and a page feature inside.

Thank you Catherine, I think Yahoo meant that you can have curves at ANY age - and hopefully I've sort of proved their theory...that's the way I read it, anyway...

My Ruby Wedding Anniversary today too, (40 years) but even though hubby & me had our picture published in Closer magazine - no one recognised us must have been the dark glasses we wore, all daysurprise
Posted 10 Sep 2013
Edited by SuzyMonty 10 Sep 2013
Dog? What dog? My dog had to be put down on my 60th birthday, two years ago...

And I didn't say that about yonger men either...

As for 'facials' no way - can't afford them
Posted 17 Sep 2013
Edited by SuzyMonty 17 Sep 2013
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