Dry flaky skin on face

Dry flaky skin on face

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1 March 2009
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Oh right Lisa , sorry my mistake. I age though we can share ideas on the problem but really too hard to give correct advise without seeing someone. Also if it is that bad then GP is the way to go, but I have known GP's to have less idea than us a lot of the time lol .. emoticon

Quite right that quote
I have very similar skin problems but my make up never flakes, if you do have excessive oily flakes in the T zone (forehead, nose & chin) My advice is

1) Exfoliate your skin with a sponge or buff puff (Superdrug £1.79) use gently with your favorite face wash or try disposable exfoliating pads like nuetrogena clear pore cleansing scrubs £3.49, the creams and gells with beads and stones don't tend to work on my skin very well.

2) Moisturise well with a non oily product, wait 20min before you put your foundation on to allow moisturiser to sink in

3)try mixing your favorite foundation with a little moisturiser for added hydration

4)Take your make up off before bed with your face wash and moisturise well

This is an ongoing routine, not a quick fix if you stop the skin will return to its former state.

If this does not work research your condition on the internet its more than likely some form of dermatitis like someone said earlier, then go to your GP knowledge is power

Hope this helps

XX Samantha XX
Posted 31 March 2009
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