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11 Nov 2008

Totally agree with you ladies, its becoming tiresome to find increasing numbers of models who think they will "try their hand at make up" and take the work from pro MUA's  offering cheap rates when the modelling dries up... but having had no training or experience and as you say often no insurance!

What about photographers trying their hands at make-up LOL?  I've done a basic intensive course in beauty make-up [very basic], which emphasised health & safety.  I'm now doing the ASET Level 3 in Beauty Therapy at a local college, part time, so it'll take at least two years for me to finish it [it's hard juggling it against a law degree].

Onto your other point - insurance.  Lots of photographers also don't have insurance, so surely that's also a problem?  If a photographer is amateur, probably no one expects him to have insurance because he's not doing it professionally.  So does that mean an amateur MUA doesn't need insurance?  It's my understanding that insurance would only be needed if you were doing something as 'employment' - is that correct?  Therefore, it would just come under Tort Law - i.e. you sue me if I leave you with weird skin.

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Posted 2 Jan 2009

My two penneth - whilst i sympathise with you - photographers have been suffering this for years - as digital cameras have become cheaper  you will find many people listed as photographers who have no experience and no idea on even the basics in lighting calling themselves photographers. They offer cheap rates generally do a poor job and give full time professionals a bad name.

For example i charge on average £2000 per wedding i shoot - not the most expensive in this area by a long way - but substantially more than the recent advert in the local rag for £250 (including an album) i know that its always subjective but what sort of coverage and quality are you going to get on the most important day of your life for that?

We are only going to see an increase in this as the economy slides as people think they will trun their hand to anything else that might make a few quid.

I cannot see that we can do anything other than offer a great portfolio and offer the best service we can. If people try and take the cheap option then i have no sympathy if they get ripped off (or get cold sores) Lets face it - its not hard to research on a site like this what is good or bad and then make a few enquiries on price is it?


Posted 2 Jan 2009
Make Up Artist
The problem of person with kit (guys are guilty to) is that its fast becoming an overburdened industry in the UK. COlleges are churning out hopeful students with the notion that in a few months they are going to be doing film, tv and fashion earnong mases of money, when the reality is they are not ready and need to learn the job.

I know many pro make up artist, a term I use loosely, who having gotten a vtct or hnd certificate onsider themselves qualified and its not true.  People who work hard and earn their stripes, look agfter their kit, earn clients and can work hygenically can do the job.

Infections are passed by stupidity and ignorance of the rigors of this trade.

When it comes to a choice between someone willing to work for free or for very little money most people take it, inspite of the inherit work and risk involved. 

Infections will contiunue to be common as long as people are unaware of hygeine for their kit and are stuid enough to think think this is an easy job.

Having stood in the middle of fields, studio's and many other nasty places to work I understand the risks and make usre I am safe in the workplace. Educating people properly and doing your time as an assistant (not always possible sadly) is a must,

Posted 10 Feb 2009
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Is there any way that Body painters can have a different section to MUA's on this forum?  We have different training and industry issues to MUAs? (althrough some MUA also body paint or vice a vera).

It should be noted that professional body painters have their own strict hygiene and industry standards and have insurance
Posted 12 Feb 2009
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In between fast shoots etc I use clinque brush cleanser which is okay but can take awhile to dry - I clean my brushes every night and never use the same brush until washed on another! - common sense? Anyhow what do you find is the best quick fix temporary spray thanks Ruth

Posted 18 Feb 2009
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