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31 May 2013
Have to say that the organisers seem to be doing a pretty good job, having given them quite a hard time on several matters initially, and last week they announced a bit of reorganisation to release more stand space, so there are going to be plenty of companies there.

Referring to a point earlier in the thread, Interestingly, not many of the 'traditional' album companies (eg Jorgensen, GF Smith etc) are showing on the floorplan at the moment, but plenty of labs adnd others who offer albums besides other things, and plenty of photobook suppliers.  A good number of training companies and the usual gear suspects, with one or two taking some pretty hefty stands also evident on the latest plan. 

There are a lot more centrally organised demos than in previous years, with various arenas around the halls... and I await a Wild Flower Garden in March with some interest!

Website now online -  Free admission for professionals - £15 for hobbyists. <edit.. apologies - didnt spot post above>

The date for the planned London event (London Imaging Live) was moved to October... but I have heard nothing about it since, despite being on the email circulation list - Anyone heard any more about it?
Posted 11 Jan 2014
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