Pregnancy Woes

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11 Feb 2013
I think you need to ensure you're getting your vitamins and minerals as the baby will grab lots of them from your body. This can have negative effects on the mother as your bones and teeth get weaker. When my sister was pregnant with her second she had a molar shatter due to lack of vitamins and minerals. Fortunately she had it replaced with a porcelain one for free via the NHS.

Posted 12 Feb 2013
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I understand the feeling, i was so desparate to do something when i was pregnant, I was living in my mums pub at that time too hearing all the "fun" downstairs but never feeling in the mood to socialise when you know you cant drink and your supposed to be relaxed etc and went from dancing and modelling abroad flying from a dancing job in Turkey and back to Italy to discover there I was almost 3 months pregnant unplanned and had to start there fly back home leave london where Id had a good career for 3 years and move back in with mum after separating from that partner I found that having a couple of my close friends around really helped one in particular had a 4 year old daughter and helped me so much! advice on stuff for baby and stuff for us to do we socialised a lot and had many lunches and dinners and cafe stops for cakes and tea! we went shopping for nice maternity clothes regularly went to the salon etc and kept myself looking nice cheered me up a lot and I then met my current partner at 6 months pregnant I tried to use spare time to plan for when Sonny arrived (my son) but was impossible to, I more just brainstormed what I would like to happen and plans for the first year especially with work etc too, try not to spend too much time on things like facebook because that used to get me down watching what everyone else was doing etc at the end of the day it is brag book so dont read so much into whats on there, ante natal classes were helpful and walking a lot was good , i really wanted to shoot when i was pregnant but just never found the time in the end or the right person to shoot it so if you could do that and capture your baby growing I would because I missed that!!! I had Sonny Valentines day 2012 (he will be 1 this thursday) at 42 weeks pregnant naturally and weighed just short of 10LB at 9.15 and a half lol i never got stretch marks until my 40th week but they have faded now im tinier than i have ever been at a size 6 and im busier now as a model than i was when i was in London and i think its Having my Son that gives me the motivation and determination which has got me to this point now and im happier than I have ever been!so dont panic and think worst is worst!I am here to say even if you are bored stressed and panicky it will all be fine! having a child is the best feeling in the world and now he has start saying MUM its priceless! Xx
Posted 13 Feb 2013
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