MacBook Pro HELP!

MacBook Pro HELP!

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20 Nov 2012
This is nothing to do with iphoto. When you click 'findfile' this activates the finders search function and it will 'wake' all drives and start a quick index of any connected devices, on our macpro when you click find file it whirls up all of the 4 HDD,s plus any network drives and server HDD's as it is getting ready for you to type the first letter of your search / click a folder etc.

Things that may help:

Remove any memory cards or external HDD attached to Mac

Reset Safari: Menu: Safari> Reset Safari...

Check you are using up to date flash, usually the cause of image upload faults for Facebook

Check your crash logs and it will tell you which application is causing the crash. Google for a how to.

Posted 29 Nov 2012
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