How long is acceptable to wait for Images from a shoot?

How long is acceptable to wait for Images from a shoot?

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1 Oct 2012
It is quite unusual for togs to provide pictures as well as pay - there are a very few who do it routinely, but they're rare. If you had paid the tog, you'd be in the driving seat, but they paid you... However, it matters if they specifically promised pictures: if they did, and don't come through, you could consider reflecting this in your feedback... But don't be too harsh! So perhaps this is a learning experience - be really specific about what you agree: and consider giving a reduction in rates in return for a specified number of images if you really want to expand your portfolio.
Posted 29 Oct 2012

Oh sorry, I didn't know I wasn't supposed too, now I do since it's been marked out, Wont do it again Thats a fair point, I sometimes think the opposite though but, the photographers know what they're doing Yeah I'll wait another week or so, well my images on my profile aren't amazing but since they're the images I have, and they A LOT better than the ones that I take myself lol. But thankyou Well I just went through the email I got from the photographer explaining things he said I would get paid and he would give all the pictures he can get,

You have your answer in the last line of your post above, (he agreed to give you all the pictures he can get) so if he isn't sent any from the photographers who attended then you get none.)

You should remember many photographers who attend group shoots do so to improve their work, you may have seen shots on the back of a camera that looked OK but when the photographers viewed them on a computer they may not have been so good. They may then be too embarrassed to send the images to the photographer who organised the shoot (and as they probably paid to attend they are not obliged to supply any).

You have no comeback you got paid and the photographer who organised it has kept his side, (if he didn't receive any images from the other photographers).

Learn from it and move on.
Posted 29 Oct 2012
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Depends on the format
polaroid, 5mins
collodion, unvarnished 20mins, varnished a week
daguerreotype, 2 days
paper neg, 1 day
film, a week unless deved on site 1 day
Digital, three months

Posted 30 Oct 2012
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