I left neg feedback for 3 shoots for same model - only latest one appl...

I left neg feedback for 3 shoots for same model - only latest one applied

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14 July 2012
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My bad, I just thought you could having seen a few previous blue faces with details under.
Posted 15 July 2012
The admins felt it fit to mention to me that my comment ' the admins probably wouldn't give my suggestions the time of day' was unjust, and I do agree, as they have implemented several of my suggestions in the past, so my apologies to the admins on this count.

Unfortunately their message had the reply button greyed out* so I couldn't reply. So I now need to therefore report the model for deleting her original profile to loose the bad feedback, to the admins. Thing is, she has loads of negative feedback on her new profile also for no shows from several people recently, so her ploy obviously didn't work. I would however hope she gets banned, as she really does not deserve to be falsely representing herself on this site, causing others the same trouble.

Cheers, Paul

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Posted 16 July 2012
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