Lip Plumping?

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2 Dec 2011

...i really love Laura Mercier lipglosses, they do seem to plump up quite a lot though they are not advertised as doing so. Most other lip plumping glosses i find are really really sticky! no use having a plump mouth if you cant open it

Posted 5 Dec 2011
I agree with the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker! Also, the one from Avon is quite good x
Posted 5 Dec 2011

I second this.. But don't go for the colour ones as above, go for the silver tube that's £2 odd more and is called XXL Pucker or something... It's usually on the same shelf! Most lip plumpers are really expensive but these are great for the high street. If you have a higher budget then go for, 'Du Wop's Lip Venom'.. If you can get hold of it that is! I have genuinely used nothing better, and i have tried them all. If you genuinely don't mind the tingling these things cause, and it doesn't cause you major discomfort like it does to some, then snap it up! It's a tad pricey at £17 odd though, considering the tube is tiny! (about 2" long from memory!), but i'm a firm believer in buy cheap, buy twice, and the effects of this last quite a long time! Good luck and let us know what you go for!

I was looking to spend sort of £25 tops so that's not to bad, will definetly try the XXL Mother Pucker one though cheeky
Posted 5 Dec 2011

I agree with the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker! Also, the one from Avon is quite good x

That was the other one i was thinking off actually, i dont remember what its called.
Posted 8 Dec 2011
Make Up Artist
No need to go extreme, oh and please dont scratch your lips.
Highlighting the cupids bow is the way forward but you have to make sure your highlight is not touching your lips
make sure you start and finish your highlighting with YSL touche eclat.
use lip pencil first right on the edge of your lipline
     take your lipstick right up to the edges of your lips but not over them, as above use two tones but dont make them too obvious
and then finish with mac pro longwear lipglass this should give you plumper looking lips for longer.
Hope this helps

Posted 14 Feb 2012
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