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11 May 2011

Never seen the T&C that states anything already discussed, cannot be discussed again.

Yes, you are correct. 

You've been a member now for just 1 year, but wait until you've done 5 years, and every other month, the same threads just keep getting starting up again and again.  Model's that no show, model's that don't reply back to booking offers, model's that log on every day but don't ever open their incoming messages, text speak, who is your favourite model/tog, why arn't a tog's images that they just uploaded not up on the home page banner thing, what do you look for when booking a model/tog/studio, asking who is the white knights or usual suspects. 

If anyone starts a new thread about chaperones, it will definately get deleted the second the Moderators see it.  Trust me on that one, they are sick to death of that subject.

And starting a thread that asks what qualifes a tog or model to be able to call themselves a pro, that will just be asking for abuse from the other members.  That answer has been explained so many times, even I've lot count.

Anyway........I do like your main image, it looks relaxed and none posed.  Love it!

Ted  cheeky ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.  


Posted 14 May 2011
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