Conspiracy Theory Quiz

Conspiracy Theory Quiz

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18 Feb 2009
Just something a bit different- ten questions about conspiracy theories. Be aware that these are really for students of the subject, so they might be a bit tricky.

If you know any answers, try to "mask" them or spoiler tag them or something so as not to spoil it for others.

Conspiracy Theory Quiz-

1. Harold Doyle, Gus Abrams and John F. Gredney are collectively known as what?

2. Who was “Deep Throat?”

3. With which political figure is Mary Jo Kopeche connected?

4. According to conspiracy, what was Lord Caernarvon a victim of?

5. What, specifically, was The Watergate?

6. What religion was Dr David Kelly, and why is this of relevance?

7. What is unusual about Paul McCartney on the cover of the “Abbey Road” album, and what has been made of this?

8. With whose death would you associate the “Five Wise Monkeys.”

9. Whom did Anna Anderson claim to be?

10. With which journalist is the “Octopus” conspiracy connected?

Posted 18 Feb 2009
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