^>v game!!!!!!!!!!!!

^>v game!!!!!!!!!!!!

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24 Jan 2009
Make Up Artist
you post like this :

^ something about the person who posted before you
< something about yourself
v and a guess about the person below you.

just for people who don't know. the up arrow is shift + 6. the right arrow is shift + the comma key. and the down arrow is simply a "v"

I'll start.

^ no one.
< started this discussion board, and hopes people willl post on it.
v is a good person, for posting.
Posted 24 Jan 2009
^ above a good opener
> me a good chatter
v below a music lover
Posted 25 Jan 2009
^ Is very far away!

< Just ate pretty amazing cheesecake

v Is female (I'm sure I will get proved wrong now!)
Posted 12 Feb 2009
#003300;">^has beautiful eyes
<has just ate a full bag of revels and feels sick
v is a model or photographer

Watch a MUA post haha

Kel xx
Posted 17 Feb 2009
^has been a model for 14years so far
<should be asleep
v is going to say something nice about me lol
Posted 22 Feb 2009
^ has really gorgeous hair that i'm so gonna steal!
< has been sacked but hasn't told her parents
v will have brown hair? =D 
Posted 9 March 2009
^ has amazing beautiful eyes

< cant wait to watch shameless

V is a photographer emoticon
Posted 10 March 2009
^ Was being hopeful
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Forgot to undo the repeat on his keyboard
< Is now confused
Posted 13 March 2009
^made me confused
<couldn't find the wee signs
v will have more luck than me at finding the wee signs
Posted 26 March 2009
Wat too far away

loves black and white

Hates marmite

Posted 26 March 2009
^ posted a thread in 'Profile Reviews' to help the new model he has as his main profile picture get more work, which i thought was thoughtful.
< loves making new friends.
v posted after me =)
Posted 4 April 2009
^ a friendly hottie
> a chatter
v a gorgeous model
Posted 6 April 2009
#d99694;">^     From India
<     A Chatterbox
v      Has Long Hair
Posted 15 April 2009
^   needs to get an avator

>   used to have long hair.

v   needs to brush their teeth
Posted 15 April 2009
Edited by golpys 15 April 2009
^ goes Liverpool 10th May
< tired
v sexy model
Posted 15 April 2009
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