~§~ Only Model-Related Images Please ~§~

~§~ Only Model-Related Images Please ~§~

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9 Jan 2009
Model-Related Images Only

Recently we had a photographer who did not appreciate that Purestorm is primarily a Model and Model Photographer (plus MUA) portfolio hosting site join as a Premium Member. As a result of not realising that this is not a general photography website, he placed at least one non-modelling image in just about every portfolio folder category.

This meant that the Home Page image gallery slideshow consisted almost entirely of images with no link whatsoever to models or modelling. This in turn prompted copycat behaviour from a small number of other Premium members who presumably decided that they now wanted to display non-model work on the Home Page.

To combat this, as Purestorm does not use plug-in software, Matt has had to write a fair bit of new code to try highlight that we only want model-related images on the site. This is why the image upload drawdown menu now has the word model in most fields. It looks a bit clumsy, but even though the following is spelt out at the top of the page some are still ignoring :- Add your #ff0000;">modelling or #ff0000;">model-related images here

Further wording changes are being introduced as and when time allows, as there is always somebody who is prepared to nit-pick in order to bend the rules, but other critical behind-the-scenes work and feature upgrades are taking priority.

Please note that if Moderators delete non-modelling images, or delete images which have had their nudity rating toggled incorrectly to get them on the front page, we will not be wasting time sending out e-mails to explain why they have vanished into a cyberspace black hole.

We appreciate that from time to time members may wish to temporarily upload the odd non-model image to their profile, for example to illustrate some point in the forums, in which case we ask them to set the Image Rating to something other than Does Not Contain Nudity so that it does not pop up in what is intended to be a showcase gallery of the 'office friendly' model-related images of Premium members.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

The Purestorm Team
Posted 9 Jan 2009
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