Dodging No-Show Feedback

Dodging No-Show Feedback

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23 Oct 2008

Over the last few days we have had a small number of models deliberately Disable their profile and then create a new one to seemingly try to mask a bad No-Show / Cancellation record. This practise is unacceptable.

When Moderators spot this, or when the membership draws it to our attention, in the first instance we Suspend the new and Enable the old. Should the model (it has only been models so far) ignore instructions and create a third profile to try to get around us, WE WILL BAN.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

The easiest way to redress a poor attendance record is to work conscientiously with those photographers willing to give models a second chance, so that a column of smiley faces soon replaces the odd grumpy ones.

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Footnote: This applies to Feedback Dodging Photographers too!

Posted 23 Oct 2008
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#ff00ff">Girls, we are serious about this !

#ff00ff">Last night we had difficulty with a Model from the East Midlands who has very quickly gained a poor attendance record. Instead of trying to remedy this she first created a new profile and tried to ditch her old one, then created a third profile in an attempt to get around Suspension of the second one. She was warned not to create any further profiles, but within minutes she created a fourth. This stroppy behaviour left us no alternative but to BAN her.

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Posted 8 Nov 2008
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Over the last few days we have had a small  number of models threaten to close their account,
or to downgrade it, if we do not remove Negative / No-Show Feedback they have received.

If you think you have been left feedback unfairly report ALL the facts using the Contact us link
and an Administrator will look into the issue, contacting the other party where necessary.
If you have PM correspondence which backs your claim use the Report button
to allow the Admin Team to verify the arrangements or the cancellation message.

Please note that Ranting solves nothing and be aware that Feedback Arbitration takes time.

No-Show feedback cannot be removed at the whim of the member who failed to show for a shoot.
Deletion of an account and creation of a new one to ditch a No-Show record is unacceptable.

Receiving one of these  is not the end of the world!
Posted 19 Nov 2011
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This really should not have to be said.
Leaving malicious comments by way of a Positive Recommendation on the profile of another member
after you have been left a Negative Recommendation is wholly unacceptable.
Also trying to character assassinate another member to divert attention from your
Late Cancellation or No-Show feedback will not be tolerated.
Any member doing this is likely to lose their account.

If you disagree with feedback left on your profile use the Contact us link and let Arbitrators deal with it.
Posted 26 May 2012
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