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6 Sep 2008

#000000;">[ #ff0000;">Please read through the entire thread and not just the first posts ]

Purestorm regularly has to block fake Agency profile creation attempts by both fraudsters and 419 sca mmers. For the last few months the Team has been clamping down on attempts to register in the Agency section and we have not been approving applications unless the Registrant is verifiably trading as a bonafide Model Agency. We are sure the bulk of the membership will understand this course of action, which is intended primarily to protect inexperienced models from exploitation.

Additionally, we have noted that over the last few weeks several UK-based members (mostly models) have attempted to create Agency profiles without them actually trading as a Model Agency under BERR (what was formerly the DTI) guidelines.

We are therefore asking those new registrants attempting to claim Agent or Model Agency status, unless this is easily verifiable from initial sign-up information, to provide full business details (including Limited Company number, registered trading address, VAT number and landline telephone number) before we approve the profile.

Please note that creation of a website domain is not regarded as being an indication of bonafide Model Agency trading status.

Those intending to trade as a Model Agency should be aware that as of April 2008 BERR (the Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform), following consultation on protecting vulnerable agency workers, introduced important changes to the legislation governing the private recruitment industry,
which includes agencies supplying workers to the entertainment and modelling industries.

The Purestorm Team

Posted 6 Sep 2008
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In recent weeks there has been a Tsunami-like flood of Agency profile registration attempts from both wannabe 'agents' with neither commercial experience nor established client base, and exploitative individuals or organisations intent on profiteering from the lucrative aspiring model market.

Although a few sign-ups were seemingly well-intentioned attempts by models or photographers to branch out in a new direction, some were little more than fronts for portfolio and make-over outfits and the majority were little more than glossy web presences trying to entice the naive and inexperienced.

As a result, Purestorm has felt it necessary to block new Agency profiles until such time as we can work out an effective way of sifting the wheat from the chaff. This may involve restricting new Agency profile sign-ups to businesses formally registered as Employment Agencies and/or holding verifiable current membership of the Association of Model Agencies.

Individuals or companies purporting to be 'Agents' or 'Agencies' who attempt to sign up with Photographer Portfolio accounts - remember Purestorm is a portfolio hosting site and not either an agency or 'contact' site - risk being permanently banned. Since the Agency sign-up process was switched off last night, we have already had one 'Agency' attempt to register under a Photographer account.

It should also be noted that other portfolio hosting websites, other model/photographer forums, and 'model competition' sites are all inelligible for Purestorm Model, Photographer, Photographic Hire Studio or MUA profiles.

Although getting this point across can sometimes be a bit like drawing teeth, web designers are not Photographic Hire Studios and DJs are not automatically Models.

The Purestorm Team
Posted 15 Oct 2008
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#000000;">Every day we get people trying to join this site under the guise of being an Agent, Agency or Manager when they can provide no evidence whatsoever of actually being successful in that field. The current economic downturn has also seen quite a few members, mostly models but including the odd photographer, deciding there is money to be made as an 'agent' or 'manager' to the influx of aspiring models looking for agency representation.

#000000;">#c00000;">FOR THE RECORD: Purestorm is currently only considering (manual) Agency registration applications from bonafide UK agents and agencies established and trading as Model Employment Businesses under the 2008 BERR [now BIS] guidelines and who are also members of reputable UK governing bodies such as the Association of Model Agents.

#000000;">The reason Purestorm clamped down on 'agency' registration attempts in 2008 is that there are literally thousands of chancers out there pretending to be agents or agencies who are either specifically targeting aspiring models as a way of getting rich quick, or else simply do not have the business acumen, financial backing, industry contacts and established client base to properly represent models; and, more to the point, pay them on time and handle the necessary employment and taxation paperwork.

#000000;">If any member is serious about setting up a UK model agency, once they have formed a limited company which is formally trading as an Employment Agency from registered premises and they can prove they have built an established customer base generating sufficient regular work for those on their books to justify them having an Agency account on here they are welcome to get in touch. Note that since April 2008 we have not accepted registrations from non-UK Model Agencies.

#000000;">In the meantime, those starting up will NOT be allowed to advertise themselves as an agent or an agency through their Purestorm Model or Photographer Portfolio account ... as one of the primary goals of Purestorm is to try to protect the innocent, naive and gullible who can be so easily blinded by the A-word or scammed by the unscrupulous.

#000000;">Wannabe agents may be well-intentioned, but until they can prove they can generate paid work for models on their books the Purestorm Team is not prepared to give them free licence to find guineapigs through Purestorm. Finding models for an agency is easier than picking grapes off the vine - it is finding clients for the agency that is the tricky bit ... and a Purestorm account won't help agencies find clients as  this is primarily a Portfolio Hosting site.

#000000;">The Purestorm Team
Posted 24 July 2009
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