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21 April 2008

I am moving to the manor and will be permanently running the agency from there. This means I am able to offer it throughout the summer at really reasonable rates
I am now taking bookings from 1st may onwards and will hire it for stills, groups or video shoots. There is an exterior pic on;
for further pics and room descriptions please contact me.
Rates are set at;
Per hour: £40
Per 1/2 day (up to 4 hours): £120
Per full day (up to 8 hours): £180
In the case of group shoots, there will be an additional charge of £5 per photographer per hour. This enables me to cover luch expenses etc and accommodate more visitors. There are no limitations on the number of models you bring so long as they are polite and tidy.
Should you wish to book any of the masquerade models to shoot at this locations, discounts apply, so please get in touch for respective rates.
Many thanks and I look forward to working with you,
Daniela xxx

Posted 21 April 2008
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