Warning re Photologo.co

Warning re Photologo.co

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2 weeks ago

WARNING RE: Photologo

I have used this company twice now.....more fool me!

First time I paid for the 24 hour service. Having chased numerous times I finally got my logo after about 50 hours.

I decided I would give them another try as actually the logo was quite good. This time as they failed at 24 hours I thought I wouldn't bother and just went for the 48 hour option.

Well we are now about 60 hours in. No response to email or messages just a Facebook post saying sorry and I am now top of the list. Exactly what they said last time.

The thing that has annoyed me most is that a number of other clients followed up on my complaint post on their Facebook page to which they never replied just merely deleted.

This company is obviously not up to their promises. Has no customer service and indeed couldn't give a shit.

You have been warned!

Posted 2 weeks ago
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