Introducing myself 😊

Introducing myself 😊

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17 June 2018

Just thought I would introduce myself. I am new to this but would love to start up a portfolio of photos linking in with fitness, bikini and lingerie, within the leiceater area.

I have thrown myself into fitness and have lost over 2 stone and have built my confidence up massively and would love to show this off.

I only have photos I have taken myself at the moment, so hopefully they are ok.

If anyone could give me any advice it would be muchly appreciated. 

Thank you 


Posted 17 June 2018

Welcome to Pure Storm. 

I'm sure many of the professional photographers will help you with your portfolio. I would recommend a TFP style shoot 1st. Just so that you can get some professional quality images on your portfolio.

Posted 18 June 2018
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