~§~ Please All Read These Guidelines ~§~

~§~ Please All Read These Guidelines ~§~

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22 Jan 2008

#ff0000">IMPORTANT: No Gonzo / POV     [ Clause 16]

The administration of this site consider that sexual acts between photographers and models as part of shoots ( often termed "gonzo" or "point of view" ) are unacceptable to the professional standards that most of our membership wish to see.

Photographers and models are therefore not permitted to advertise or promote in any way these activities via this site. In addition, models and photographers who engage in this style of work or activity will have their memberships cancelled.


Made "sticky"  22/01/08


Posted 22 Jan 2008
Edited by ForumModerator 3 Sep 2014

Hardcore Boy/Girl or Male/Female Work        [Clause 16]

Please note that this policy has now been revised further to prohibit ANY B/G work that involves sexual contact regardless of who the participants are.

This does not affect any artistic male/female work with no sexual contact, as per an example shown in this thread.


Note that Clause 16 Suspensions are Permanent and Irreversible.

Posted 30 Jan 2008
Edited by ForumModerator 10 Feb 2013

Please do not use the f**k or c**t words on the forums.
Yes there is a swear filter now, as previously demonstrated, but please don't use the icon as an excuse to now litter the forums with these words ... or variations on the words.
Posted 5 Aug 2008
Edited by Bob 9 Nov 2008
#ff0000">Abuse Of Post-Shoot Feedback Form

It seems that some members continue to believe that posting instructions somehow do not apply to them. As a result, Moderators have already had to both Suspend one member for multiple abuse of the new Post-Shoot Feedback facility, and warn others for minor transgressions.
The wording (see below) is pretty specific, and it is also highlighted in red, so there can be little excuse for abuse of the system. However, just in case some are so badly affected by protanopia, deuteranopia, protanomaly, or deuteranomaly that they cannot differentiate in the red and green spectrums, we have reprinted the warning below in blue.
Use this page ONLY to provide feedback about this member regarding a shoot/arranged shoot, if you enter anything other than this your profile will be suspended 

Anybody who ignores the instructions has only themself to blame for subsequent actions.
The reason Purestorm has been clamping down on those photographers who pounce on new models within hours, and sometimes even within minutes, of their profiles going live is that we discovered a significant proportion of new sign-ups were either asking for their profile to be removed, or were simply not coming back after their second or third visit, purely because they felt overwhelmed by this sudden attention ... and one can hardly blame them.
It is in everybody's interest that new members are allowed to find their feet on the site before being bombarded, and we trust that the membership understands this.
The Purestorm Team
Posted 24 Sep 2008
Edited by Bob 9 Nov 2008
#ff0000">Photographers / Studios Posing As Models

It is unacceptable for Photographers or Studio Owners to create Model profiles and then deceptively post on the forums or send out Personal Messages while pretending to be the Model.

We understand that some new members may require the assistance of more experienced members when first creating profiles on the site, but there is a huge difference between helping another member and pretending to be them.

Take note that any member deceptively posting as another member runs the risk of permanent exclusion from Purestorm.

The Puretorm Team
Posted 9 Nov 2008
Edited by Bob 9 Nov 2008


Purestorm will not tolerate the owners of competitor portfolio hosting sites blatantly attempting to poach members from this site and will instantly terminate the accounts of any member found doing so.

Additionally, members encouraged to blatantly poach on behalf of competitor sites face Suspension if they do so either through the forums or by spamming through the internal messaging system.

It has been necessary to make this stand following a rash of poaching attempts this week from new sites.

The owner of Purestorm and his team have worked long and hard to build this site up without using underhand tactics and we Moderators see no reason to let those who have no grasp of even the most basic internet etiquette profit from that hard work.


Posted 12 Nov 2008
Edited by Bob 12 Nov 2008
#ff0000;">Vote For Me Posts / Download Advertising / Sponsorship Requests*

In common with most of the Model & Photographer Portfolio Hosting Sites, PURESTORM does NOT allow the practice of canvassing for contest, competition or pageant votes on either the forums or on members' profiles.

Additionally, (as of  10th July 2009) advertising of mobile phone downloads or similar cash generator schemes through forums or profiles is prohibited .

Any such posts will be removed as soon as spotted by Moderators or notified by the Membership.

Offenders run the risk of profile Suspension and repeat offenders will have their account Terminated.

The Purestorm Team

#ff0000;"> * Edit : Following complaints it has been decided to add #ff0000;">Sponsorship Requests to this exclusion.
    If you wish to request Charity Sponsorship please go here:-  Please Sponsor Me  
Posted 22 Nov 2008
Edited by ForumModerator 10 July 2009
#ff0000">Late Night TV Show 'Agents' & Recruitment

Since the start of the year Purestorm has seen a sudden upsurge in 'agents' or 'scouts' or 'middlemen' trying to recruit glamour and adult models for late night television work. Please be aware that only bonafide Model Agencies may now act as agents through this site.

Those with Photographer or Model Portfolios are not eligible to advertise or recruit as 'agents' or 'scouts' through the forums or internal messaging system.

Please also note that as PURESTORM is not a Model / Talent Employment Agency, and has no intention of registering as one, since the introduction of the 2008 BERR guidelines on Employment Agencies the site has not been open to new Agency Portfolio registrations.

The Purestorm Team
Posted 22 Jan 2009
#ff0000; text-decoration: underline;">Removal or Locking of Topics or Threads

On Purestorm we do not lock down or delete threads just because fellow forumeers do not see the subject in the same light as either the topic starter or a previous contributor. Topic starters should always be aware that controversial subjects are bound to generate heated debate, possibly dry humour and even a degree of ridicule --- that is the nature of public forums and is the very lifeblood of General forum sections in communities like this.

Sometimes a topic starter asks for a thread to be Locked after they have received the answer they want to hear on a question they have posed and occassionally a members asks for a topic to be Deleted when they start getting answers that they don't like. Neither of these scenarios is grounds to close or remove a topic, particularly when other members may have given freely of their time and experience to help or contribute to the community as a whole and other members may still be interested in the replies generated.

One area are where there can be grounds to ask for a thread to be Locked or Deleted is when a work post has been filled or the opportunity has passed - especiallly if somebody has resurrected an old thread because they have not bothered to look at the original date. In such cases, please use the Report button on your original post and Moderators will review the thread when they have a spare moment.

The Purestorm Team

Posted 21 May 2009

Moderators have had to pull two threads which turned into b!tchf!ghts.
The members concerned have been Formally Warned.

Of late there has been a marked up-surge in personal flaming.
All members are reminded of Rule 3 of the Terms of Use


Posted 11 Aug 2009
Edited by Jacqui 11 Aug 2009
We suppose it was inevitable, but abuse of the Casting Calls section has started already.

#000000;">Hogging of the CC section is just as selfish as hogging the forums and
#000000;">will be dealt with in exactly the same way.

#000000;">Adding e-mail addresses or phone numbers in the CC section
#000000;">is no different from adding in the forums and may attract the same penalty.

#000000;">Please play fair or play elsewhere!
Posted 31 Oct 2009
Edited by ForumModerator 8 Nov 2009
We have had a spate of recent Reports of photographers (and the odd male model) requesting
oral sex
from model members through Personal Messages or Casting Calls.

While US President's may not consider oral sex to be sexual intercourse Purestorm does
and we deem that the practise falls under Clause 16 of out Terms of Use.

Apologising for causing offence to models is NOT sufficient grounds to have an account reinstated.

Just in case it is unclear, Purestorm is a model / photographer / make-up artist portfolio hosting site
and NOT a place for soliciting for sexual favours ... unless after a fast-track to account Termination.

Posted 16 Nov 2009
Edited by Love 17 Nov 2009
There has recently been a rash of members adding
telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses in Casting Calls.

Members' attention is drawn to Clause 6.2 of the Terms of Use

#a5a5a5;">6.2 Purestorm.com is under no obligation to provide exposure to competing sites through links or other methods in portfolio and may remove those at its discretion, and without notice. 'VOTE FOR ME' canvassing and 'competition' promotion are not allowed. #ff0000;">Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses may not be displayed in forum posts, casting calls, or profile notes. #a5a5a5;">The Purestorm.com referral system is intended for work related offers and general enquiries related to or leading to work or further discovery. Promotion of services and goods is not an appropriate use of the referral system. Purestorm.com permits one main free member portfolio per person.
Posted 16 Nov 2009
Edited by ForumModerator 16 Nov 2009
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