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26 June 2017
So I decided to give photium a break and moved onto Photodeck as i liked their look and presentation...

All was well until I tried to get to grips with their pricing profile options...

I like to think of myself as not too thick with passable intelligence, however this pricing profile as me truly and utterly baffled to the point of just giving up and looking for another website host !

what ever I try to set up just doesnt seem to work most of the time, and when i set up for a single client to download 1 high res image, all looked good, i tried on a different computer to access the image and download, yep looked ok, but yet the next day they had downloaded it and yet nothing in my paypal account...

Photodeck say this is impossible but yet it happened.

today setting up another portfolio with only one option, websize downloads, started with an new pricing profile, one line only with the webdownload option.

enter it and then go and look how it shows up against an image, and showing are three options to buy, one that doesnt do anything, one that shows options to buy a print package for £77 that I have no clue where it came from, and my download option, this is going to be totally confusing to visiting clients but yet even after deleting that and starting again it does the same thing over and over...

has any else using photodeck had this experience with pricing profiles  ?

right now sat here just totally baffled, frustrated and just with no confidence that images will probably be downloaded without any payment....


Posted 26 June 2017
Edited by Love 29 June 2017
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