Ok, total make over

Ok, total make over

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21 Jan 2008

Ok so these are the issues I have with myself when looking in the mirror.

I am a stone heavier than I want to be, and need to lose the stone by February the 16th, what is the fastest and safest way to do this?

My skin is pants, it has been since I was 11 and most of my shots have to be edited because of this, any suggestions on making it better?

My hair is too short, its just below shoulder length, where is the best place to get clip in extentions from.

Erm think thats it lol

Posted 21 Jan 2008

haha you just described everything thats also wrong with me! LOL

I can't lose weigh tbecause Im lazy and I love my food way too much. My skin has always been crap, and my hair is now too short to put in my clip in extensions. *sigh* I hope you have better luck than me!

Posted 21 Jan 2008

I wanna lose a stone too, every day I say no snacking, gonna go to the gym etc

this has been going on for ages

I need to stop being lazy sign10

Posted 21 Jan 2008

I am going to a hypnotist it's expensive £30-£90 an hour but it is definately worth  the money as I am eating much healthier than I use to.

The things I dislike about my skin is: I am prone to blemishes,styes and when make-up is on it's flakey (yet the doctors don't prescribe anything =\).

For hair my hair is short and I do miss my long hair terribly even though customers (Sales assistant) have said they love the style ( The idea of my hair came from Rihanna..or Victoria Beckham I think...it's cut short at the back and it's longer at the front,I do not suggest having this cut as it looks terrible when you grow your hair) I can't have hair extensions because of what the style is too and hair stylists have also said my hair is too thick to have them in =\.

I think every girl has alot of problems just based on her body,skin and hair.

Posted 22 Jan 2008
Safely.... you can't lose a stone in a month, half a stone possibly, but without extreme dieting (which could end up making things worse) there's just no way.

Safely means 1-2 pounds a week from eating healthy. In order to lose a pound a week you must either burn or eat 500 calories less a day, everyday.

So if you're currently eating 2500 calories a day, you need to aim for 2000. And it can be done with simple things.

Sweetner contains 2 calories per serving, where sugar provides 20.
If you can, cut out bread completely. If you can't resist bread, swap to grained varieties (these contain less refined sugar). Swap white pasta for coloured pasta. Cutting out refined sugar and sugar in great quantities helps you feel fuller for longer, so stops you snacking.

Don't eat after 7pm, give your body time to start digesting food before you sleep.

Exercise - it doesn't have to be 5 hours slogging it at the gym, it can be as simple as getting a pedometer and ensuring you do at least 10,000 steps a day. Try wearing one on a normal day and seeing what you clock up, you'll be suprised how little walking most of us actually do!

So by swapping small things and adding a little exercise, it's more of a lifestyle change than a diet that will help you control your weight.

As for skin, it's fairly obvious, but water, water, water!! Aim for 2 litres a day. Cleanse, tone and moisturise, but don't overdo it. Sometimes the more you scrub and clean, the worse your skin gets - you're drying out the pores causing them to create more oil on the skin to compensate. Scrub once a week only!
Posted 22 Jan 2008
Try not to think of a target amount of weight to lose. You need to judge it more by how you look in a mirror and how your clothes fit. You may only lose a couple of pounds but if your fat is transferred to muscle then you may not lose at much but you will be much slender and more defined in all the appropriate areas.

Posted 22 Jan 2008
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