If you would be so kind a couple of answers please

If you would be so kind a couple of answers please

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14 April 2016
Hi all

There is a couple of things I would like to know from a model's perspective that would greatly assist me when making casting calls so I'm hoping you can help me.

Firstly when I am looking for a model, as a model, would you prefer that I put up a casting call that you can answer if you wish or that I message you directly with an offer of work?

Secondly on to the subject of filthy lucre, I know that hiring a model is a business arrangement and it all comes down to money in the end. So my question is, again as a model, would you like me to say I'm able to offer £xxx as a fee or would you prefer me to ask for your rates and thus allow you to make your own pitch (always assuming your rates are not already on your profile)

Finally does the length of shoot influence you when deciding if to apply for or accept a shoot on offer and, if so, what length of shoot would make you more likely to apply? I know a lot of model put a 2hr minimum shot on their profiles but I can see that. 2 hr hour shoot in the middle of the day could easily take up the whole day.

Many thanks


Posted 14 April 2016
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Hi I try to check castings every day but if you need to get hold of a model quickly then it's a great idea to direct message incase they haven't checked them. It's a compliment receiving a job offer directly

Posted 15 April 2016
I prefer to be contacted by a photographer.Replying to a casting rarely works for me. If you contact me I will give you my rates, usually for a 2 or 3 hour shoot. Models have to get ready , hair , make up , costumes etc & travel , so the fee has to include that time.

Posted 17 April 2016
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