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8 March 2016
Hey guys critic wanted please would like too know which you think should stay or which should go xx

Posted 8 March 2016
Edited by Jade_whittaker 8 March 2016
What a great figure for Art Nude work, but it's only the waterfall shot that shows off what I see as your main asset. Most of your other shots are tight cropped and some are more what I would see as photographers' shots. Lose some of these and try to add some that show off your limbs and figure, and maybe in more comfortable warm and dry conditions! Your figure would suit my kind of work perfectly.

Posted 8 March 2016
Killer eyes, great form...I like most of the images on here. keep up the great work!

Posted 2 April 2016
You have a strong look and seem busy, which is great, what you don't have is very much depth or range in your portfolio. I think taking paid work from largely poor to average hobby photographers is absolutely fine for paying some bills, but isn't going to keep your 'brand' developing over time. Or in fact, keep your modelling interesting.

I can think of many photographers who'd contribute really positively to your portfolio and perhaps open new doors for you. Its about time you had something really good in your portfolio perhaps.

Posted 3 April 2016
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