best and worse - you chose and get reviewed.

best and worse - you chose and get reviewed.

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24 Sep 2015
Its too quiet around here recently, and I get so fed up having to scroll past the 'word games' at the top of the forum list..

So, a restart of something we did previously which was pretty interesting and balanced.

Check the portfolio of the person above in the thread - list your most and least favourite of the pictures you see - explain why. In turn, the next person up will do the same for your portfolio.

Posted 24 Sep 2015
I really enjoyed looking through your portfolio and studying each image. 

There's some good narrative and inventiveness in many of the images and it was really difficult to narrow it down to most liked / least liked.

Most Liked

I can't honestly say why these images stood out for me, they just did. 
Is it coincidence that they are both in a similar colour palette and feature an interesting light source?  Maybe.

Least Liked

These aren't 'bad' photographs at all. 
When comparing the rest of your portfolio these, to me, just seemed to have the least impact.

Best regards

Posted 3 Oct 2015
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