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1 July 2015

Exeter Social, getting together again on July 13th. at about 19.00 until they throw us out or we fall down pissed.

The Meeting House, South Street, Exeter. Limited on street parking. More parking Pay & Display at bottom of the road or in Mary Arches Street car park at the top of the road. It is down the bottom of the street and used to be a non-conformist chapel, so looks a bit grand. We tend to find a table on the right as you go in BUT if it is very crowded we might migrate upstairs to the gallery. I will probably have a camera with me so look for the gold on black Nikon livery.

It is a Weatherspoons, so good food, good cake and they do coffee etc. as well as falling down water.

Anyone feeling a bit shy, look for a huge gurt hairy geezer, white beard, long hair, loud voice. That will be me! I will introduce you to the group. If you are feeling REALLY shy and would like a gentler introduction than having to introduce yourself to Hagrid-on-Acid, mail me on PP and I will give you my mobile number so I can meet you outside and or guide you in if you are lost.

We are a friendly bunch and have not actually killed and eaten a model for ages!!!

Bring portfolio, business cards and a sense of humour.

Look forward to seeing you.
Posted 1 July 2015
An interesting evening Jeremy. Refreshingly light on the pocket too, for dinner and drinks in what passes for 'the big city' down here.
And it was Mexican Monday too!
Posted 14 July 2015
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