Bowens 500R Package

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20 April 2015
Bowens 500R Package

I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting through, selling, surplus gear, trying to leave myself with a core set of equipment that’ll actually get used rather than just taking up space and gathering dust!  Thankfully, I’m nearly done sad

I’ve got one more Bowens Gemini 500R (BW3910 UK) flash head that is surplus to requirement (HEAD:

This head was bought in December 2011 for use as a back-light.  It’s been used carefully and very infrequently.  It’s in fine cosmetic condition, little used the BW2032 tube is in good condition (TUBE:  The modelling bulb (BULB: works too.

This head comes with a BW5170 Pulsar receiver Card installed and the accompanying antenna (PULSAR:

Included is a Bowens BW5150 Transceiver (TRIGGER: for wireless operation with the BW5170.

Also included with this, ready to go, kit:

i)  A Bowens BW6610 quality stand (STAND:  A few cosmetic marks, but this is a really good stand.
ii) A Bowens BW1885 Wide Angle Reflector / Umbrella support (REFLECTOR:  A few cosmetic scratches but wholly useable.
iii) One Proline (I think) silver umbrella 39”, good condition.
iv) One Proline gold umbrella 39”, good condition.
v)  Protective cap
vi) Power cable

£325.  Cash on collection from me in East Yorkshire or I can arrange for collection from an address in Sheffield.

I can ship this kit but it is heavy and will be insured / tracked in two packages.  It will cost approximately £50 to ship.  (I’ve shipped 2 other heads recently and both were c. £25 to send, those were without stands or any other extra accessories.)  If shipping, payment for the kit and postage will be required through Paypal or bank transfer.


500R Kit


500R Head



Posted 20 April 2015

Posted 25 April 2015
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