A long time since a review any improvement?

A long time since a review any improvement?

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18 Feb 2015
I'm bored and its a long time since I have had asked for any feedback on here.

I have added quite a lot to my portfolio my portfolio and I hope its improved.

I have added 3 pictures today one in a boxing ring under sport and two cat woman ones under fantasy.I hope you like them.

Might want to add some more soon and I am at my max. Are there there any that shopuld definitely go and any that should definitely stay?

Posted 18 Feb 2015
The ones I think don't do you justice are -
The first one in implied nude, on some stairs, the angle does your bottom no favours at all.
The one in the lily pond with your arms outstretched, you just look uncomfortable.
The fantasy Medussa one doesn't work for me either.
I also think you have too many of you kicking, perhaps cut them down to two at most.

The definite keeps are -
Your main image
You in the window
In the pond showing half a bottom
The two by Garethc976 are really nice
the last one in your sport section is really good
the first one in your fantasy section holding a sword.

The rest I can take them or leave them. I hope that helps, but do bear in mind that the most important opinion of them is yours. If you like them, you should keep them. Its a good decent portfolio and shows variety.

Posted 18 Feb 2015

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Umm both bum ones does seem popular.

I could add some more from the sword set, I only relished I hadn't put any on this profile after I wrote the post.

Yeas the beach ones will stay . Can there be too many kicking shots ?lol There will probably be more in the new ones I'm waiting for so maybe some old ones will go.

Posted 19 Feb 2015
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